ETCS is founded and operated by Speech and Language Pathologists (Sawmick Dutta MS CCC SLP & Prabha Ramakrishnan MS SLP) who have more than 23 years of experiences working in the field of Speech and Language Pathology. We have worked in various settings in last 20 + years and very well understand the need of SLPs and what they deserve. ETCS does not function as a corporate where employees need to wait for weeks for a decision to make. We customize the need of each employee to suit his or her future growth. We are pledge to support employees at all time in most friendly and professional manner. Our commitment is unparalleled, our vision is “Lets Grow Together”. Our friendly and transparent nature make us UNIQUE from others.

Mr Sawmick Dutta MS CCC SLP is currently working in Fontana Unified School District and completed 10th school year in 2019. He has taken the most challenging assignment in the district and able to turn it to most favorable school with the help of administrators, psychologist and special educators.

Ms Prabha Ramakrishnan MS SLP is currently working in Chino Valley Unified School District and completed 9th school year in 2019. Ms Ramakrishnan is well known by her school staff as most professional and a team builder. She has educated the administrators, teachers and staffs about special education and specially speech and language intervention in school. She enjoys working in collaboration with special education and general education teachers. She has been running Response To Intervention (RTI) program at her school for last three years and has been very successful to achieve student’s goal.

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